ITWomen Africa is an ICT-oriented organization under the UN SDGs 5&9 which focus is to give free IT/ICT training to women and girls in both the informal and formal sectors, the rural and urban areas to enable them to enhance their careers and be able to meet up todays’ evolving technological world.


  • To equip women with Digital/Tech skills as the needs of organizations and the business world changes:
  • To bridge the gap of gender parity against women in today’s technologically evolving world.
  • To fight against jobs currently held by women which are at risk of elimination as a result of digital technologies in the coming years.
  • To match gender equity, equality and dignity shared in the men dominated field of tech



To accomplish our mission, ITWomenAfrica will;

  • Increase free access to knowledge in digital/tech skills to women in both formal and informal sectors.
  • To form ICT clubs for young girls in basic, senior high, colleges, and universities to fulfill the agenda of enhancing them with IT/ICT training and further inspire them to infuse IT into their future careers.
  • To set up community ICT training centers and sessions in both rural and urban areas for easy accessibility to the free training.
  • Organize periodic workshops and seminars for the general public but much especially, the women and girls to understand the need for undertaking some knowledge or skills in tech/ICT as a whole career or part of their career programs.